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New in PHP 8

PHP 8, the new major PHP version, is expected to be released by the end of 2020. It's in very active development right now, so things are likely to change a lot in the upcoming months. Read more >

Ready to share your startup with the world?

Check out the list before for a curated collection of places to list and submit your startup for free. At the time of writing this 99% of these are free and very easy to submit, if you come across one... Continue Reading →

A usefully short guide to software pricing

To understand product pricing, it helps to understand some, but not too much, economics. The easiest way is through a simple example. Read more >

Ask HN: What Technologies to Learn in 2020?

It is always good to keep yourself up to date with the hottest tech stacks. So what are your suggestions for 2020? For example: Flutter / React Native ? ML? Tensorflow / Keras ? GraphQL ? Vue JS? Read more... Continue Reading →

5 Things To Stop Doing In Mobile App Design

Have you ever looked at the design techniques and elements you use to build mobile apps and evaluated whether or not they’re still useful or relevant? If you haven’t done this in a while (or ever), stop what you’re doing... Continue Reading →

What it means to be a front-end developer in 2020 (and beyond)

Do you ever think about what the front-end part of front-end developer really means? I once asked Eric Meyer (who has been building websites for nearly as long as there have been websites) if he knew what the term meant back in the very early days, and... Continue Reading →

10 Solid Reasons to Choose React Native for Mobile App

React Native is owned by Facebook and stands in competition against the likes of Bootstrap, Apache Cordova, and NativeScript. Read more >

Why you should care about debugging machine learning models

For all the excitement about machine learning (ML), there are serious impediments to its widespread adoption. Not least is the broadening realization that ML models can fail. And that’s why model debugging, the art and science of understanding and fixing... Continue Reading →

Is Web Design Easier or Harder Than it was 10 Years Ago?

Is it harder or easier to build a website now than 10 years ago? Has the bar gone up or down? I don't have any data for you, but I can shell out some loosey-goosey opinions. Read more >

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